LUMINESCE™ daily moisturizing complex

LUMINESCE daily moistening complexA brilliant all day face cream with beneficial characteristics against wrinkles and skin aging. The daily moisturizing complex contains apples, chickpeas and essence of watermelon for intercellular moisturizing , and essences of red and green algae that preserve moisture and elasticity.

The patented complex of growth factors LUMINESCE™ revitalizes cell functioning for a youthful appearance.


  • SPF 30, without paraben or oils
  • Moistens the skin and protects it at the same time
  • Increases intercellular hydration by 85% in two weeks and may reduce wrinkles in less than two hours*
  • Essence of red algae ensures a natural barrier for the conservation of moisture**
  • Essence of green algae strengthens collagen and elastin***
  • Essence of blue algae provides UVA and UVB protection***

*14 tests were performed
**reports suggest superior skin moisture, hyaluronic acids in vivo
***clinically proven