The top causes for premature aging and how to avoid them

RESERVE™ rejuvenating nutritionYou might have come across premature aging causes such as smoking and constant stress, but there are many other hidden reasons causing face wrinkles and pores. Below are some common causes for premature aging:

  • Not wearing sunscreen, not wearing UV-protective sunglasses or simply being exposed to heavy sunlight too frequently
  • Sleeping without removing your make-up, especially the area under your eyes and on your cheeks
  • Not sleeping enough or having a disrupted sleep rhythm

Furthermore, poor diet and dehydration are another two major causes for premature aging. Fortunately, leading an active lifestyle and using rejuvenating products can go a long way in reducing the damage. If you’re wondering how to prevent premature aging, read some of our tips below.


How to prevent premature aging

Finding the right rejuvenating product will help undo the negative effects of causes for premature aging. One of the main ways of preventing premature aging is by taking anti aging nutritional supplements, such as the ones offered by Jeunesse. The supplements will work against the causes for premature ageing and boost your immune system and bodily functions by providing it with highly effective nutrients. These rejuvenating products contain natural sources of antioxidants, such as sweet black cherries, aloe vera and grape seed extract. Anti aging nutritional supplements are the results of innovative rejuvenation science, granting a complete fitness and nutrition rejuvenation.


What makes Jeunesse’s rejuvenating products more effective?

Where Jeunesse differs from standard anti aging nutritional supplements is in the use of a gel form blend that’s absorbed up to 200 times faster than antioxidants in capsules. This way it’s able to prevent premature aging much more effectively. The rejuvenating product is based on years of scientific research and can be used in combination with Jeunesse’s skin products line. The latter prevents premature aging of your skin by reducing pores, coarse lines and wrinkles.