ZEN BODI™ weight-loss systemZEN BODI™ is a name of three distinct products, each optimized for its own part of the weight management process. 

ZEN Shape™ are capsules, two of which intended to be ingested before your every major meal. By using African mango seed extract, an ingredient even Forbes called one of the most effective ingredients, it helps you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

ZEN Fit™ is a fitness drink that comes in two delicious flavors: watermelon and fruit punch. It is a rich source of amino acid, which should be ingested twice daily before excercising. It's blend will help you build muscle mass faster.

ZEN Pro™ is based on a blend of whey, rice and pea proteins, a healthier alternative to other similar products, which use a soy-only base. To curb cravings ingesting two capsules before every major meal is recommended. 

By combining the three essential parts of weight-loss - curbing appetite, building muscle mass and burning fat - the ZEN BODI™ system will help you reach your ideal weight and appearance healthy and effectively.